Clay that Woke — first session

claycoverMy first ses­sion of Clay that Woke is behind me. So here’re some of my tho­ughts.

1. Prep. We sche­du­led the game on 2 days noti­ce, I spent 1 day reading the game for the second time, and then I fol­lo­wed the book abo­ut what things to pre­pa­re befo­re the game. I have to admit, that pre­ping the situ­ation, ide­as & NPC’s was lon­gest sin­ce I play­ed War­ham­mer. I didn’t expect this.

It took me a whi­le to gene­ra­te two situ­ations. At first I wasn’t com­for­ta­ble with the idea of taking real life pro­blems and twi­sting them, but it wor­ked very well! (I won’t say eve­ry­thing — play­ers are watching,Idon’t want to spo­il the­ir fun). I didn’t deci­de how the employ­ment is con­nec­ted until the begin­ning of the ses­sion.

2. Situ­ation: Onte­trukh has taken a new wife, Vaiper­hai, who was (par­tly?) ghy­eana and had hair on all of her body like ghy­enas do. He is dis­gu­sted with this but he don’t want to divor­ce her becau­se he belie­ves he will live as long as he is mar­ried to her. So inste­ad make her cover with whi­te cloth and he sends her to Puda, the phi­si­cian, who day after day remo­ves the hair — and that leaves parts of her body ble­eding and feste­ring. (PC mino­taur takes her to Puda by rik­sha).

Sero, a gla­dia­tor is in love with Vaiper­hai. I think he doesn’t know abo­ut her condition,but it is possi­ble they are lovers (PC mino­taur is a mes­san­ger betwe­en them).

Alm Khe­ra works in spring baths whe­re he sells insects like ticks and water stri­ders mixed toge­ther. The blo­od in insect’s abdo­men con­ta­ins meanin­gless and exci­ting sto­ries of the people the insect drin­ked from befo­re, and when the blo­od mixes toge­ther the sto­ry is pas­sed to the new per­son. In this way the­ir sto­ries then spre­ad aro­und the city. It is told that a drop of Pakrym Empyrei’s blo­od is sto­red in one of tho­se insects. (PC mino­taur accom­pa­nies Alm Khe­ra).

An insects sto­ry: Empyreus’s 7 wives kil­led them­se­lves after his death,but he loved them so much that they tur­ne­din­to silve­ry fish that’s song are heard some­ti­mes.

3. I was run­ning the game, other play­ers are a) +m focz­ka, b) a histo­ry teacher, trad gamer, c) a women with no rpg&fantasy expe­rien­ce at all. Reading the game by them was not an option (sor­ry, +Paul Cze­ge, the lan­gu­age is pret­ty, but very sophi­sti­ca­ted!), so inste­ad I tal­ked abo­ut vario­us set­ting ide­as whi­le sho­wing the illu­stra­tions — and it hel­ped sho­wing what the game is abo­ut. After making cha­rac­ters we had may­be one hour left and so we just star­ted with some sce­nes, I play­ed with the stran­ge ima­ge­ry, defi­ned things with sto­ries (like: Sero is a pit figh­ter, it is told that after the fight Pakrym Empy­rei pri­zed him with a smi­le).

a) I’d love to have rules sum­ma­ry in the book (or on the web page) — what to put in the Kra­ter and when, who is win­ning when it’s a PC‐PC inte­rac­tion.
b) our trad gamer asked questions like „I want to make a spot test” „how wide is the stre­et and what is spe­ed, weight and direc­tion of the cart with melons” (when his mino­taur was cha­sing a woman) or tried the „Mom­my, may I?” trick. It looks like I have to bre­ak his habits — at least for this game.
c) the new play­er doesn’t seem to have pro­blems with sto­ry gaming (I assu­me it’s more natu­ral) but she’s less expe­rien­ced and some­ti­mes doesn’t catch the atmo­sphe­re.
d) we had only one inflec­tion (dra­wing from the Kra­ter) — for­now it seems that nar­ra­ting failu­re for one’s cha­rac­ter is not easy and I have to adress this on the next ses­sion.
e) I think I put wrong tokens in the Kra­ter and possi­bly it was to the disa­dvan­ta­ge of the play­er.
e) it took me a whi­le under­stan­ding weird beliefs and quid pro quo thin­king, I still don’t get the dif­fe­ren­ce. What does it mean intrin­sic cha­rac­ter?

a) set­ting — dre­am­li­ke, ste­amy, color­ful, magi­cal in a dif­fe­rent way — I love it! Best things: sto­ries, urwic­ga, wives, glit­te­ring, seeds, being naked as stan­dard. Adding new things is ple­asu­ra­ble.
b) Rules light — I can con­cen­tra­te on tal­king even in mecha­ni­cal effects deci­ded by the Kra­ter.
c) mino­taurs

Gene­ral­ly it was gre­at and nice. And may­be it is possi­ble to make a cam­pa­ign of it.


#Game­sI­Play is my pro­ject whe­re I talk abo­ut games.The idea is to wri­te more in English. I aim for wri­ting and spe­king more flu­en­tly and to get some self este­em from this. If you see me making big­ger mista­kes (gram­mar, wrog use of words) ple­ase cor­rect me in the com­ments (or give me a link with expla­ining a pro­blem).

And of cour­se — talk with me abo­ut games!

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