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Proudest moment – #RPGaDay

3 August

I don’t usually think about my characters accomplishments, but when I do it’s not something they should be proud of.

We played a 2-player freeform game called „Adventurers on Holidays”, which began as few scenes what do adventurers between missions do. It featured Katrina, a fighter (main character), her adventurer group: Magician (a magic user), Assfuck (a thief) and Stardust (half-elf ranger [we looked for most cliché elvish name]).

The group stayed in the little town, waiting for Katrina to heal properly (after last encounter with kobolds). The town was dull, long story short they decided to visit the brothel in the old mill.

Fun fun fun!

Ocean of alkohol!
Threesome! Katrina, some random handsome guy and the Magician – with help of some spells (like Magical Fingers).
Fights in a cage! Katrina, totally wasted, against a boar.

Thrill of winning!

It was until later when the party was going back home singing, and suddenly they found she’s bleeding.


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