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Hardcover, softcover, digital? None of those.

August 8 Hard­co­ver, soft­co­ver, digi­tal? What is your pre­fe­ren­ce?

Most of the time I had no cho­ice but to buy wha­te­ver the Polish publi­sher deli­ve­red to the mar­ket. Till 2010 it was mostly hard­co­vers (DnD, 7thSea), later — soft­co­vers (Sava­ge­worlds). Right now I rare­ly buy paper­stuff — the costs of shi­phan­dling exce­eds the cost of the book. So I rely on digi­tal copies.

I print them, often with the cover pic­tu­re in color, and bind them. I index them with color­ful stic­kers, I fill mar­gins with trans­la­tions and rules notes. And I use them alot.

IMG_0051 (2)

Left: Torch­be­arer, Remem­ber Tomor­row, Dog Eat Dog, Bre­aking the Ice Right: Bliss Sta­ge, Dogs in the Viney­ard, Apo­ca­lyp­se World

City of Petra

Jak zapo­wia­da­łam, zamiesz­czam wła­sną mody­fi­ka­cję zasad do City of Birds pod nazwą City of Petra.



Wer­sja prze­zna­czo­na do gry kon­wen­to­wej, kar­ty są uży­tecz­ne tak­że w stan­dar­do­wej grze. Ory­gi­nal­ny pro­dukt moż­na kupić za pośred­nic­twem stro­ny auto­ra.

Dzię­ku­ję kben­de­ro­wi za pomoc przy orga­ni­zo­wa­niu pdfa.

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