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Read the damn game – #RPGaDay

19th August – Best way to learn a new game

It’s not possible to learn a game without knowing the rules. That’s why I read the rules.

The first reading is not about memorising the rules: it’s about indulging in setting, trying to imagine how it will look in play. Understanding what fun means for this particular game. A bit what the rules does.

The second reading is preparing the session. Reading again the procedures how to prepare a session or scenario or improvisationor whatever. I’m looking for cues what’s important: what’s highlighted in the examples, what topics appear again and again. (In Dogs… not only PC’s get free d6 with family, in all the example scenarios main NPC’s are PC’s family). Then I highlight the most important sections of the book with sticky notes…

Beacause the third reading happens during the session. As a group we will stumble on rules, we won’t be sure about the exact wording (and it might be crucial: the difference in „may” and „must” can be a drastic change in the situation, same with who exactly gets authority over narration). The book is on the table – and we take a look a lot.

I know that many people would rather play with someone who knows and teaches the game. It’s easier this way of course. But this means also, that some small rules might be „lost in translation”, omited – as it’s the nature of oral tradition. I trust the scripture.

So go, read the damn book.

Postcriptum: Of course I make several assumptions here. Like that I trust that the author did their best, like that the game isn’t broken. But even in case when it’s not true, reading and following the rules helps in understanding that something about the game is off.


Hardcover, softcover, digital? None of those.

August 8 Hardcover, softcover, digital? What is your preference?

Most of the time I had no choice but to buy whatever the Polish publisher delivered to the market. Till 2010 it was mostly hardcovers (DnD, 7thSea), later – softcovers (Savageworlds). Right now I rarely buy paperstuff – the costs of shiphandling exceeds the cost of the book. So I rely on digital copies.

I print them, often with the cover picture in color, and bind them. I index them with colorful stickers, I fill margins with translations and rules notes. And I use them alot.

IMG_0051 (2)

Left: Torchbearer, Remember Tomorrow, Dog Eat Dog, Breaking the Ice Right: Bliss Stage, Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World

Proudest moment – #RPGaDay

3 August

I don’t usually think about my characters accomplishments, but when I do it’s not something they should be proud of.

We played a 2-player freeform game called „Adventurers on Holidays”, which began as few scenes what do adventurers between missions do. It featured Katrina, a fighter (main character), her adventurer group: Magician (a magic user), Assfuck (a thief) and Stardust (half-elf ranger [we looked for most cliché elvish name]).

The group stayed in the little town, waiting for Katrina to heal properly (after last encounter with kobolds). The town was dull, long story short they decided to visit the brothel in the old mill.

Fun fun fun!

Ocean of alkohol!
Threesome! Katrina, some random handsome guy and the Magician – with help of some spells (like Magical Fingers).
Fights in a cage! Katrina, totally wasted, against a boar.

Thrill of winning!

It was until later when the party was going back home singing, and suddenly they found she’s bleeding.


Magical Fury – RPGaDay

2 August: Best game session since August 2015

First session of Magical Fury by Ewen Cluney, run by Kamil, played: Adrian and me. By the real table.magical-fury-cover

Best – because everything worked. Playing in the physical space is different: we found connection between each other, building on others ideas was easier. Trust was in the air.

And so we got magical girls struggling with their real girlish problems, like not being understood by others or fear of public speaking, and not so real – like being a magical girl. We had funny parts: kawai bunny being their sensei, Ichigo making him a suprise photo with a flash or Hikaru sending sms with bunny-emojis. We had heartwarming parts like asking busy father to make a surprise call to mom, because she was worried. We had scary parts: crumbling city because of contact with supernatural.

I want more!



Słoik kostek / Jar od Dice – #RPGaDay

1 sierpnia: prawdziwe kostki, programy, żadnych kości – jak rzucasz?

 Real dice, dice apps, or diceless, how do you roll?

Oto moje kostki.

These are my dice.


Jest coś miłego w międleniu w dłoniach kostek w kieszeni. Stuku jednej o drugą. Wyszukiwaniu z pomiędzy kilkudziesięciu tej ulubionej. Dopasowywaniu zestawu pod grę lub postać.

There’s something nice in touching dice in your pockets. Clattering dice on the table. Looking between many the favorite one. Asembling dice so that they fit the game or the character. 

Większość z tych kostek zostało kupionych jako „Pound of Dice” z Chessex. Pół kilo kostek to plus-minus setka, w różnych rodzajach, rozmiarach i kolorach. Było mi potrzeba kostek dużo (tak, Dogs in the Vineyard), taki zestaw był idealny.

Most of those were bought as a „Pound of Dice” from Chessex. A pound is about 100, different sizes, styles and colors. I needed many, many dice (yep, for Dogs in the Vineyard) – this was the best choice. 

Swoją drogą, nawet gdy gram przez sieć, wolę rzucać swomi kostkami, przy swoim stole, niż używać jakiejś appki. To nie jest to samo: rzucić kostką czy wygenerować sobie numer. Kilka lat temu miałam przyjemność korzystać z modułu Bucket of Dice do Vassala (niestety, obecnie jest niedostępny). Kostki były prześliczne (kryształki w różnych kolorach), łatwe do przesuwania, usuwania, manipulowania wartościami. Roll20 czy inne appki nie mogą się równać.

So even when I’m playing online, I’d rather roll my dice, at my table. It’s simply not the same: rolling or generating number. Few years ago I was lucky to use Vassal module Bucket of Dice (sadly it’s not available anymore). The dice were pretty (crystal dice in different colors) and it was possible to move them around the virtual table, delete, change numbers. Roll20 and other apps cannot compete. 

Ostatnio jednak mój zestaw kości jest zamknięty w słoiku (całkiem sporym). Zamiast tego biorę karty do Archipelago pod improwizacyjne storytellingowe granie. To podobny randomizer jak kostki, jasne – ale dla swobodniejszej opowieści nadaje się lepiej niż dodawanie kostek.

Lately I keep all my dice in a jar (and it’s a big jar). Instead for improvisational and storytelling play I’ll bring Archipelago cards. Same as dice it’s a randomizer, of course, but for more freeform playing it’s better then adding numbers on the dice.



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