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Read the damn game — #RPGaDay

19th August — Best way to learn a new game

It’s not possi­ble to learn a game witho­ut kno­wing the rules. That’s why I read the rules.

The first reading is not abo­ut memo­ri­sing the rules: it’s abo­ut indul­ging in set­ting, try­ing to ima­gi­ne how it will look in play. Under­stan­ding what fun means for this par­ti­cu­lar game. A bit what the rules does.

The second reading is pre­pa­ring the ses­sion. Reading aga­in the pro­ce­du­res how to pre­pa­re a ses­sion or sce­na­rio or impro­vi­sa­tio­nor wha­te­ver. I’m looking for cues what’s impor­tant: what’s high­li­gh­ted in the exam­ples, what topics appe­ar aga­in and aga­in. (In Dogs… not only PC’s get free d6 with fami­ly, in all the exam­ple sce­na­rios main NPC’s are PC’s fami­ly). Then I high­li­ght the most impor­tant sec­tions of the book with stic­ky notes…

Beacau­se the third reading hap­pens during the ses­sion. As a gro­up we will stum­ble on rules, we won’t be sure abo­ut the exact wor­ding (and it might be cru­cial: the dif­fe­ren­ce in „may” and „must” can be a dra­stic chan­ge in the situ­ation, same with who exac­tly gets autho­ri­ty over nar­ra­tion). The book is on the table — and we take a look a lot.

I know that many people would rather play with some­one who knows and teaches the game. It’s easier this way of cour­se. But this means also, that some small rules might be „lost in trans­la­tion”, omi­ted — as it’s the natu­re of oral tra­di­tion. I trust the scrip­tu­re.

So go, read the damn book.

Post­crip­tum: Of cour­se I make seve­ral assump­tions here. Like that I trust that the author did the­ir best, like that the game isn’t bro­ken. But even in case when it’s not true, reading and fol­lo­wing the rules helps in under­stan­ding that some­thing abo­ut the game is off.


Hardcover, softcover, digital? None of those.

August 8 Hard­co­ver, soft­co­ver, digi­tal? What is your pre­fe­ren­ce?

Most of the time I had no cho­ice but to buy wha­te­ver the Polish publi­sher deli­ve­red to the mar­ket. Till 2010 it was mostly hard­co­vers (DnD, 7thSea), later — soft­co­vers (Sava­ge­worlds). Right now I rare­ly buy paper­stuff — the costs of shi­phan­dling exce­eds the cost of the book. So I rely on digi­tal copies.

I print them, often with the cover pic­tu­re in color, and bind them. I index them with color­ful stic­kers, I fill mar­gins with trans­la­tions and rules notes. And I use them alot.

IMG_0051 (2)

Left: Torch­be­arer, Remem­ber Tomor­row, Dog Eat Dog, Bre­aking the Ice Right: Bliss Sta­ge, Dogs in the Viney­ard, Apo­ca­lyp­se World

Proudest moment — #RPGaDay

3 August

I don’t usu­al­ly think abo­ut my cha­rac­ters accom­pli­sh­ments, but when I do it’s not some­thing they sho­uld be pro­ud of.

We play­ed a 2‐player fre­eform game cal­led „Adven­tu­rers on Holi­days”, which began as few sce­nes what do adven­tu­rers betwe­en mis­sions do. It featu­red Katri­na, a figh­ter (main cha­rac­ter), her adven­tu­rer gro­up: Magi­cian (a magic user), Ass­fuck (a thief) and Star­dust (half‐elf ran­ger [we looked for most cli­ché elvish name]).

The gro­up stay­ed in the lit­tle town, waiting for Katri­na to heal pro­per­ly (after last enco­un­ter with kobolds). The town was dull, long sto­ry short they deci­ded to visit the bro­thel in the old mill.

Fun fun fun!

Oce­an of alko­hol!
Thre­eso­me! Katri­na, some ran­dom hand­so­me guy and the Magi­cian — with help of some spells (like Magi­cal Fin­gers).
Fights in a cage! Katri­na, total­ly wasted, aga­inst a boar.

Thrill of win­ning!

It was until later when the par­ty was going back home sin­ging, and sud­den­ly they found she’s ble­eding.


Magical Fury — RPGaDay

2 August: Best game ses­sion sin­ce August 2015

First ses­sion of Magi­cal Fury by Ewen Clu­ney, run by Kamil, play­ed: Adrian and me. By the real table.magical-fury-cover

Best — becau­se eve­ry­thing wor­ked. Play­ing in the phy­si­cal spa­ce is dif­fe­rent: we found con­nec­tion betwe­en each other, buil­ding on others ide­as was easier. Trust was in the air.

And so we got magi­cal girls strug­gling with the­ir real gir­lish pro­blems, like not being under­sto­od by others or fear of public spe­aking, and not so real — like being a magi­cal girl. We had fun­ny parts: kawai bun­ny being the­ir sen­sei, Ichi­go making him a supri­se pho­to with a flash or Hika­ru sen­ding sms with bunny‐emojis. We had hear­twar­ming parts like asking busy father to make a sur­pri­se call to mom, becau­se she was wor­ried. We had sca­ry parts: crum­bling city becau­se of con­tact with super­na­tu­ral.

I want more!



Słoik kostek / Jar od Dice — #RPGaDay

1 sierp­nia: praw­dzi­we kost­ki, pro­gra­my, żad­nych kości — jak rzu­casz?

August 1: Real dice, dice apps, or dice­less, how do you roll?

Oto moje kost­ki.

The­se are my dice.


Jest coś miłe­go w mię­dle­niu w dło­niach kostek w kie­sze­ni. Stu­ku jed­nej o dru­gą. Wyszu­ki­wa­niu z pomię­dzy kil­ku­dzie­się­ciu tej ulu­bio­nej. Dopa­so­wy­wa­niu zesta­wu pod grę lub postać.

There’s some­thing nice in touching dice in your pockets. Clat­te­ring dice on the table. Looking betwe­en many the favo­ri­te one. Asem­bling dice so that they fit the game or the cha­rac­ter.  

Więk­szość z tych kostek zosta­ło kupio­nych jako „Pound of Dice” z Ches­sex. Pół kilo kostek to plus‐minus set­ka, w róż­nych rodza­jach, roz­mia­rach i kolo­rach. Było mi potrze­ba kostek dużo (tak, Dogs in the Viney­ard), taki zestaw był ide­al­ny.

Most of tho­se were bought as a „Pound of Dice” from Ches­sex. A pound is abo­ut 100, dif­fe­rent sizes, sty­les and colors. I needed many, many dice (yep, for Dogs in the Viney­ard) — this was the best cho­ice. 

Swo­ją dro­gą, nawet gdy gram przez sieć, wolę rzu­cać swo­mi kost­ka­mi, przy swo­im sto­le, niż uży­wać jakiejś app­ki. To nie jest to samo: rzu­cić kost­ką czy wyge­ne­ro­wać sobie numer. Kil­ka lat temu mia­łam przy­jem­ność korzy­stać z modu­łu Buc­ket of Dice do Vas­sa­la (nie­ste­ty, obec­nie jest nie­do­stęp­ny). Kost­ki były prze­ślicz­ne (krysz­tał­ki w róż­nych kolo­rach), łatwe do prze­su­wa­nia, usu­wa­nia, mani­pu­lo­wa­nia war­to­ścia­mi. Roll20 czy inne app­ki nie mogą się rów­nać.

So even when I’m play­ing onli­ne, I’d rather roll my dice, at my table. It’s sim­ply not the same: rol­ling or gene­ra­ting num­ber. Few years ago I was luc­ky to use Vas­sal modu­le Buc­ket of Dice (sadly it’s not ava­ila­ble any­mo­re). The dice were pret­ty (cry­stal dice in dif­fe­rent colors) and it was possi­ble to move them aro­und the vir­tu­al table, dele­te, chan­ge num­bers. Roll20 and other apps can­not com­pe­te. 

Ostat­nio jed­nak mój zestaw kości jest zamknię­ty w sło­iku (cał­kiem spo­rym). Zamiast tego bio­rę kar­ty do Archi­pe­la­go pod impro­wi­za­cyj­ne sto­ry­tel­lin­go­we gra­nie. To podob­ny ran­do­mi­zer jak kost­ki, jasne — ale dla swo­bod­niej­szej opo­wie­ści nada­je się lepiej niż doda­wa­nie kostek.

Late­ly I keep all my dice in a jar (and it’s a big jar). Inste­ad for impro­vi­sa­tio­nal and sto­ry­tel­ling play I’ll bring Archi­pe­la­go cards. Same as dice it’s a ran­do­mi­zer, of cour­se, but for more fre­eform play­ing it’s bet­ter then adding num­bers on the dice.



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